Media Relations

Tech Editors Pitch Tank: Test your pitch, hear 2018 story trends and win more ink

Tech media is booming—and just one hit in a top outlet can justify your 2018 media relations budget. Join this panel of A-list tech journalists to learn how to land your story in their hallowed pages every time. In just one hour, they’ll reveal 2018’s biggest tech trends and gadgets, share fail-proof pitching tips and show you how to build valuable relationships with other Holy-Grail tech outlets.

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Visual Communications

Video and Visual Strategy Virtual Summit: Plan, Shoot and Share Like a Hollywood Studio

Your job is at risk if you haven’t yet mastered video. Join this practical three-hour training session to bring your visual storytelling skills up to speed. You’ll learn techniques to transform yourself and your team into an in-house video studio—so you can capture today’s shorter attention spans. You’ll leave with the inspiration, creative guidance and equipment mastery you need to create high-quality visuals and videos that break through today’s digital clutter.

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Writing and Editing

PR Writing Virtual Summit: Inject the WOW! factor into copy for greater reach and ROI

Want to engage and compel readership—on any medium? Would you like more coverage and reach for every press release, pitch or social media post you craft? Learn how to write better, faster and easier when you join this three-hour workshop with a trio of world-class wordsmiths. You’ll dramatically increase your writing competence and confidence using powerful journalism principles guaranteed to make your copy more newsworthy, compelling and shareable.

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