Media Relations

Tech Editors Pitch Tank: Test your pitch, hear 2018 story trends and win more ink

Tech media is booming—and just one hit in a top outlet can justify your 2018 media relations budget. Join this panel of A-list tech journalists to learn how to land your story in their hallowed pages every time. In just one hour, they’ll reveal 2018’s biggest tech trends and gadgets, share fail-proof pitching tips and show you how to build valuable relationships with other Holy-Grail tech outlets.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Master New Google, SEO and Content Trends: The 2018 guide to giving content greater reach and results

Google is a rapidly changing digital juggernaut that affects every communications vehicle you touch—and it recently underwent another series of updates. Don’t fall behind; stay up to date so your content gets the visibility it deserves. Join to master the latest Google changes, from search algorithm updates that determine how high your content ranks to the overhauled analytics tools and other improvements.

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