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Media Relations

Travel and Tourism Pitch Tank: Score more ink for your destination

Every destination wants to showcase their unique amenities but how do you separate yourself from the rest and gain valuable media placements? This webinar serves as a one-stop-shop for your travel media needs. Hear from top journalists in travel and tourism about what they cover and how they want to be pitched to give your destination the edge it deserves.

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PR Measurement Virtual Summit: New ways to track success and crack the ‘ROI code’

Want to justify your budget? Need to learn the latest ways to track and improve results? Want to know which channels are driving the most leads—and which KPIs execs love? Learn all this and more in this training session with Sean Williams (Kent State University), Julie O’Neill (Texas Christian University) and Andrew Bates (AARP)—who will reveal new measurement guidelines, how to analyze data to extract insights, and what’s next in social media analytics. In our upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how to craft and deliver a powerful, resonant speech.

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Content Marketing

PR message maps: The key to powerful PR strategy, copy and results

Unfocused messages can destroy a brand. One bad media interview can sink a product—or career. That’s why you need an easy way to stay on message so you can write smarter, write more strategically, and write your way to corporate-suite influence.

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