Tech Editors Pitch Tank: Editors share new story trends and placement secrets

Original Air Date: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017
Got a new app? How about a new drone, VR experience, smart device, TV, game, breaking research or exec with a bold POV? Whatever you’re pitching, you know it can be damned hard to break through the clutter and win coverage in a top tech outlet. Good news! This webinar makes it easy to reach the tech audiences you crave. Join to hear firsthand from top editorial gatekeepers what stories they most like to cover, what they will cover in the months ahead—and how to score ink for your news, product or service. Even better: You’ll have the chance to pitch them directly in our official “Pitch Tank” session!  

You’ll learn:

  • New trends and topics commanding coverage now
  • The new newsroom—how tech media is changing
  • How to customize pitches to top tech outlets
  • Hot buttons: The story elements that attract tech reporters
  • Video, infographics and multimedia that catch editors’ eyes
  • Storytelling and Facebook—how to find journalist passion points and use those insights to build relationships
  • The truth about press releases and media databases
  • How to use Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media like Snapchat for improved media relations
  • Top mistakes PR pros make and how to avoid them
  • Lessons for improving pitches based on live feedback

Presented by:

Greg Galant

Greg Galant is the co-founder and CEO of Muck Rack, the leading network for journalists to connect with sources on social media.

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John Patrick Pullen

John Patrick Pullen is a Tech Columnist for TIME Magazine and an editor for Fortune Magazine’s Tech vertical.

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David Freeman

David Freeman is the editorial director of NBCNews MACH, a new vertical dedicated to coverage of the scientific and technological innovations that are transforming human lives.

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Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper is an LPC Graduate turned technology journalist with an interest in commercial and corporate law, intellectual property, technology and business.

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Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston is digital editor at TWICE, a B-to-B magazine and website for the tech and consumer electronics retail industries

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Tech Editors Pitch Tank: Editors share new story trends and placement secrets

Original Air Date: Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017

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