3 essentials for a superior, secure online newsroom

By: Brian Pittman
Published: Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015

Online newsrooms help communicators tell positive, engaging stories about their brand.

These valuable sections of corporate websites have inherent risks, though:

  • As mobile devices grow in number, there can be missed opportunities for search engine optimization and consumer engagement.
  • These portals can pose security risks unless your organization takes proactive steps.

Here are three quick tips for creating mobile-ready, secure online newsrooms, courtesy of Ibrey Woodall, vice president of Web communications at Business Wire:

1. Consider adaptive/responsive design benefits. Today’s online newsrooms must be viewable on multiple platforms, including mobile devices. Woodall warns against using mobile-optimized sites or apps separate from the desktop site. She instead recommends developing an adaptive/responsive hybrid as an integral part of your site.

“This way all traffic goes to a single site rather than being redirected to a detached site found via an http://m.news.companyname.com URL,” she explains. “This is an SEO advantage, since Google plans to favor mobile-enabled sites in search rankings.”

Additional benefits of adaptive-responsive sites:

  • Same-site/in-base code
  • Single code/content set
  • Flexible layout (adapts to browser)
  • Device detection
  • All content available

2. Be aware of adaptive/responsive design drawbacks. “Responsive-design online newsrooms often take longer to launch,” Woodall concedes. “They’re also more expensive.”

Watch the PR Daily’s PR University webinar “Create an award-winning newsroom” to learn how to boost influence, SEO and coverage for your news.

3. Address security issues. Online newsrooms are typically communications-administered add-ons to corporate websites—which can afford hackers an access point. “Even if you have security around a server, a PR intern could accidentally send out access,” Woodall says.

Security training for PR staff is therefore crucial. She recommends a third-party Service Organization Control [SOC] 2 Type II audit to ensure that your company is following internal workflow procedures that secure both your information and the access to it.

Though expensive, these security controls are in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ applicable Trust Services Principles and Criteria. Click through to this Business Wire press release announcing its own SOC 2 compliance for more details.

Brian Pittman is a consultant to Ragan Communications and webinar manager for PR Daily’s PR University. Ibrey Woodall shares more expertise in the PR University webinar, Create an award-winning newsroom: Boost influence, SEO and media coverage.

3 essentials for a superior, secure online newsroom

By: Brian Pittman
Published: Thursday, Mar. 26, 2015


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