3 tips for partnering with bloggers – PR University

By: Brian Pittman
Published: Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2016

3 tips for partnering with bloggers


Cold story pitches don’t cut it anymore. Bloggers now want to see proposals and partnerships instead. Here are three ways to get their attention.


By Brian Pittman


Few pitches get through to today’s busy bloggers. Blame it on email filters created by overwhelmed bloggers who can receive hundreds of untargeted PR emails every day.


Set yourself apart by partnering with bloggers instead of cold pitching them.

“Actually put the word ‘partner’ or ‘partnership’ in your email subject line,” says Kit Graham, who blogs about restaurants and travel at The Kittchen. “We’ll scan emails for those keywords, or our filters will.”


Here are three ways to find and successfully partner with bloggers on your beat:


  1. Work with a collective. Blogger collectives can save PR pros time and money. “Most are well versed in influencer relations and will help vet their members to find a suitable partner for you,” Graham says.

The Windy City Blogger Collective has 450 members covering topics ranging from food and family to health and technology. Graham is its director of community.

“We’re your resource if you want Chicago-area bloggers to cover your or attend an event,” she says. “We send weekly newsletters to members alerting them to opportunities. We structure partnerships with retailers, restaurants and others. We can also manage the projects for PR pros so they don’t have to.”

Working with a collective makes the most sense if you’re looking for five to 10 bloggers for your project. “If you just want to reach one blogger, we’ll simply pass them along to you,” Graham says.


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  1. Provide superior visuals. Most bloggers won’t just plug-and-play PR images. Visuals should instead be used as a frame of reference in your email proposals.

“The images must be high quality,” Graham says. “A bad image can really hurt you, so don’t just send any old photo because you feel you must.”


  1. Be specific with your request. The best email proposals are extremely clear. “They state within the first two sentences what the product is and what the is,” Graham says.

Collectively does a good job of this. “They enumerate exactly what they’d like to see and provide very detailed specifics,” she says.

For example, collectively might write, “We want 1 blog post, 1 Instagram post, 2 tweets and 3 images of [the product].” They also usually provide digital clips of past similar projects.

It’s also important to stay within the agreement’s parameters once the project is a go, Graham says. “Don’t go back after the fact and ask, ‘Can you tweet this 10 more times?’ It’s not fair to do once you have them on the hook.”


Brian Pittman is a Ragan Communications consultant and webinar manager for PR Daily’s PR University. Digital marketing expert and travel blogger Lisa Lubin, food blogger Kit Graham, and tech blogger Helena Stone, editor-in-chief of Chip Chick, will share more blogger relations tips and techniques in this PR University webinar, Influencer and Blogger Relations: New P2P and paid techniques to boost placements.

3 tips for partnering with bloggers – PR University

By: Brian Pittman
Published: Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2016