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Media Training

The Media Training Survival Guide: New Techniques to Turn Duds into Media Darlings

Join this hands-on session for techniques the best media trainers use to quickly turn duds into media darlings. In one hour, you’ll learn the secrets of surviving—and thriving—in media interviews. You’ll also discover simple tools you can use to quickly prepare anyone at your company for any media opportunity so you win more positive press.

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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications Virtual Summit: Stop disaster with a digital-ready plan

Just one hit in an A-list outlet can be worth thousands—and freelancers could be your “back door” to that front-page coverage. Join this panel of leading contributors to learn how to pitch them and other freelancers—many who write for multiple outlets. They’ll help you strengthen your pitches during a live Q&A and interactive pitch session—and reveal exactly what the widest-reaching outlets want and how you can give it to them. 

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Content Marketing

Content Strategy Virtual Summit: Reinvent Your Content Plans to Reignite Results

Have you placed tactics ahead of strategy? Have you pumped out content without a plan? If so, you’ve likely blown budgets and poured resources into content marketing and social media—only to have them stall. Join this three-session webinar workshop to learn how it’s done. You’ll leave with a framework and proven templates you need reignite reach and results for all your content campaigns.

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