Content Marketing

GDPR and Data Privacy for Communicators webinar: How U.S. communicators can get ahead of new data privacy threats and standards

Last month’s GDPR* deadline sparked concern in the United States, because we’ll soon follow Europe’s lead. The message is clear: You risk losing public trust—and your credibility as a digital communicator—if you don’t get ahead of data privacy. Join Daniel M. Goldberg (Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz), Will Ruppel (IBM) and Brandi Boatner (IBM) to discover—before it’s too late—how new data policies and practices will directly affect your websites, social media, media outreach and even email marketing.

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Media Relations

Travel and Tourism Pitch Tank: Score more ink for your destination

Every destination wants to showcase their unique amenities but how do you separate yourself from the rest and gain valuable media placements? This webinar serves as a one-stop-shop for your travel media needs. Hear from top journalists in travel and tourism about what they cover and how they want to be pitched to give your destination the edge it deserves.

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