Blagica Bottigliero

Emmy-winning digital-marketing veteran

Blagica Bottigliero is an Emmy-winning digital-marketing veteran. A natural connector, Blagica’s been a part of the web since the late 90s. Creating websites in the early days for companies like Maytag and Purina, then serving on the first eMarketing team at Orbitz, then leading social media at Motorola and Target, Blagica has seen the web grow from the basic pop-under ad to more sophisticated algorithms. Blagica also founded and led her own startups, led Edelman Digital’s Strategy division and co-chaired the Cook County New Media Council. Today, Blagica is the Vice President of Digital Media at Metaverse Mod Squad, a company specializing in helping companies bring human connections to their digital audiences. An avid technology user, Blagica presented a TED talk on the history of women and the web. Blagica speaks Macedonian and is conversant in French. Her family recently settled in Oak Park, where she sits on the Civic Information Systems Commission.