About our presenters

PR University’s webinars provide techniques, best practices and wisdom from the very best in our profession—helping you grow your career and learn new skills that will make you a more valuable asset to your organization. Presenters include veteran PR professionals from both the corporate and agency side, as well as recognized authors, experts and top-tier journalists. All are passionate and proficient in the skills or tools they teach. You can expect each presenter’s content to be innovative, inspiring and instructional.

Dr. David Rockland Media Relations

Danielle Brigida Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Heidi Moore Media Relations

Alisa Gumbs Media Relations

Joanna Ossinger Media Relations

Jennifer Merritt Media Relations

Amir Bibawy Media Relations

Brian Malone Visual Communications

Carolyn Shelby Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Louis Gray Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Greg Galant Media Relations

John Patrick Pullen Media Relations

David Freeman Media Relations

Daniel Cooper Media Relations

Lisa Johnston Media Relations

John Patrick Pullen Media Relations

Karl Gude Visual Communications

Randy Krum Visual Communications

Quentin Hardy Media Relations

David Freeman Media Relations

Damon Beres Media Relations

Charlene Sarmiento Visual Communications

Shanda Maloney Visual Communications

Zynara Ng Visual Communications

Guy Bauer Visual Communications

Drew Keller Visual Communications

Jennifer Windrum Writing and Editing

Jason Chupick Writing and Editing

John Zissimos Visual Communications

Michael Neuwirth Crisis Communications

Lorna Bush Crisis Communications

Ashley Mainz Measurement

Mike Brown Media Relations

Alexander Kaufman Media Relations

Sam Ro Media Relations

Gregory Galant Media Relations

Matt Turner Media Relations

Jared Sandberg Media Relations

Rich Barbieri Media Relations

Laura King-Homan Visual Communications

Britt Klontz Visual Communications

Lou Bortone Visual Communications

Ty Stafford Visual Communications

Sara Clemence Media Relations

Martin Shervington Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Amanda Todorovich Content Marketing

Monica Drake Media Relations

Alex Konrad Media Relations

Daniel Cooper Media Relations

Mark Adams Visual Communications

Shannon Carroll Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Susan Carraretto Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Janice Croze Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Stephanie O’Dea Content Marketing

Michele Egan Sterne Media Training

Laurel Haas Media Training

Kelley Schultz Media Training

Cokey Falkow Visual Communications

Maury Postal Visual Communications

Rita Gorenberg Visual Communications

Melissa Thompson Visual Communications

Kit Graham Media Relations

Helena Stone Media Relations

Lisa Lubin Media Relations

Graham Roberts Visual Communications

Charlene Sarmiento Visual Communications

Vincent Dollard Crisis Communications

Nancy Seideman Crisis Communications

Melissa Agnes Crisis Communications

Gini Dietrich Media Relations

Tony Miller Content Marketing

Nestor Portillo Content Marketing

Rob Friedman Executive Communications

George Mays Visual Communications

Lauren Davis Media Relations

Jon Mitchell Jackson Media Relations