About our presenters

PR University’s webinars provide techniques, best practices and wisdom from the very best in our profession—helping you grow your career and learn new skills that will make you a more valuable asset to your organization. Presenters include veteran PR professionals from both the corporate and agency side, as well as recognized authors, experts and top-tier journalists. All are passionate and proficient in the skills or tools they teach. You can expect each presenter’s content to be innovative, inspiring and instructional.

Greg Matusky Media Relations

Brian Pittman Writing and Editing

David Meerman Scott Media Relations

Paula Berg Measurement

Marc Smith Measurement

Serena Ehrlich Executive Communications

Peter Barros Content Marketing

Bob Zeni Visual Communications

Kerry Jones Content Marketing

TJ Walker Executive Communications

Diane Lennox Measurement

Mark Weiner Measurement

Fraser Likely Measurement

Emmanuel Tchividjian Content Marketing

Tommy Walker Content Marketing

Matthew Greenberg Content Marketing

Daniel Novick Content Marketing

Kevin Sullivan Media Training

Darryl Salerno Media Training

Tom Hallman, Jr. Media Relations, Media Training

Andrea Lehr Media Relations

Greg Jarboe Content Marketing

Peter Methot Executive Communications

TJ Cooney Visual Communications

Tripp Frohlichstein Media Relations

Ellen Creager Media Relations

Beth J. Harpaz Media Relations

Christopher Elliott Media Relations

Paul Brady Media Relations

Michael Smart Writing and Editing

Ian Griffen Executive Communications

Sandra Fathi Measurement

Beeb Ashcroft Writing and Editing

Josh Dahmes Measurement

Ekaterina Walter Visual Communications

Ibrey Woodall Content Marketing

Sarah Hogeboom Media Relations

James E. Lukaszewski Crisis Communications