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Editors Pitch Tank Webinar: Learn how to secure coverage in an A list title

The media landscape changes rapidly but if you have the skills to land one hit in a top outlet, you can justify your 2019 media relations budget. Join this panel of A-list journalists to learn how to be a cut above your competitors. Journalists will reveal 2019’s biggest trends and share fail-proof pitching tips. You’ll also learn how to build valuable relationships with other A list outlets.

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Media Relations

Fact or Fiction: The 2018 #FakeNews Virtual Summit Avoid the pitfalls of #FakeNews, and ensure your company message is trusted

Fake news. Alternative facts. “Don’t believe what you’re reading or seeing.” It’s abundantly clear that fake news has been a prevalent thought in the minds of millions over the past year. Still, as communicators, what are we to do? Join this immersive event to learn from the nation’s top editors and social media experts, as they teach us how to drain the #FakeNews swamp.

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