Content Marketing Virtual Summit: Update your strategy and brand awareness to boost your ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, May. 4, 2018

Are you in need of an updated content strategy? Are you interested in learning what platforms work well when creating content? How about the best ways to track, promote and distribute content? Join this three-session webinar workshop and learn how to create a content strategy guaranteed to drive engagement and business goals. You’ll leave with a framework and proven templates for improving reach, results and ROI.

What you’ll learn:

  • Emerging trends and what a newly updated content marketing strategy looks like
  • How to create a productive content marketing team
  • Ways to streamline content distribution
  • How to best measure and analyze content
  • Techniques for exploiting social media to boost traffic and engagement

Session 1: Content marketing strategy—what’s new

Technology trends continue to drive content marketing

Learn how to personalize your content marketing strategy by learning all about the new technology trends currently driving the market. Through best practice case studies, you’ll discover how to find out what content audiences want most. This session will teach you how to create content with Al and help you understand how tech and data science can drive your ROI. You’ll also see examples to inspire and inform your own content plan—and you’ll walk away knowing the next steps to take to build a future-proof, scalable content strategy for your organization.

Youll learn how to:

  • Build personalization into content marketing strategy
  • Use personality profiles to identify ideal customers and personalize content for them
  • Automate content generation with AI
  • Understand how new tech and data science are propelling ROI

Karrie Sullivan is principal and chief transformation officer at the Culminate Strategy Group


Session 2:  Content marketing creation—what works

How to successfully build your team and create an effective storytelling strategy for content marketing 

Learn how to recruit a knowledgeable team that will help you deliver a successful storytelling strategy. You’ll discover how to best use new and emerging content formats, along with how data can push content decisions. Learn how to create a successful story and what multimedia channels to use to successfully distribute content.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a productive content marketing team
  • How to use data to take your content distribution tactics to a higher level
  • How to develop a storytelling strategy—and why that’s the most important part of your content
  • What makes good stories and where to find them
  • Storytelling for specific channels—multimedia content creation and visual storytelling, e.g., video, graphics, 360 and virtual reality


Amanda Todorovich is director of content marketing at Cleveland Clinic

Lisa Arledge Powell is president at MediaSource


Session 3: Secret sauce: An inside look at how the LinkedIn marketing team does content

Content tracking, promotion and distribution—what's next

Tracking, promoting and distributing content has always been crucial, but staying on top of it is now more important than ever. Learn how to create and repurpose your content for the best possible ROI.

This session features:

  • Content creation—how to choose themes and focus on them
  • Crowdsourcing for content ideas to identify popular topics
  • Repurposing, distributing and promoting content, with real examples from LinkedIn
  • How to effectively measure ROI for different content
  • How to use LinkedIn’s tools: conversion tracking and website demographics

Alexandra Rynne is content marketing manager, marketing solutions at LinkedIn

Sean Callahan is senior manager, content marketing at LinkedIn and co-author of "The Big Data-Driven Business.”


Presented by:

Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan is senior manager, content marketing at LinkedIn. Formerly he was a marketing director at Bizo and an editor and reporter at Crain Communications.

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Alexandra Rynne

Alexandra Rynne drives the content strategy for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, owning campaign distribution and amplification.

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Lisa Arledge Powell

Lisa Arledge Powell is president of MediaSource, an award-winning creative agency that specializes in content-focused public relations, content marketing and national media exposure for major brands.

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Karrie Sullivan

Karrie Sullivan, principal and chief transformation officer of Culminate Strategy Group, is a longtime marketing, sales, and PR executive with high-level roles in media, financial services, education and technology organizations.

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Amanda Todorovich

Amanda Todorovich is the director of content marketing at Cleveland Clinic, where she manages a team of editors, writers, designers, digital engagement strategists and project managers to serve enterprise content needs.

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Content Marketing Virtual Summit: Update your strategy and brand awareness to boost your ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, May. 4, 2018

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