Engaging Infographics Virtual Summit: Create visuals that increase Reach and ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

Three hours. Three sessions. Three experts.

Take the next step in visual content marketing with stunning infographics that increase SEO, web traffic and brand awareness. This three-session summit will teach you the traits stellar infographics share and how to easily create your own. You’ll also learn when to use infographics, the best formats, what’s new—including interactive infographics—and how to make yours go viral in the press and social media.

Session 1 – Infographics Planning & Production

This is where it all starts. Learn how to plan and produce data visualizations that beat the content glut. This practical session with infographics guru Karl Gude will give you tools and techniques for planning and designing more effective infographics—as well as inspiring creative ideas to help you think differently so your visual message can rise above the clutter.

  • How to plan a visual project with maximum creativity
  • How to find a story in data and where to find that data
  • How to structure a compelling narrative out of your data
  • Major design considerations when building infographics
  • The best free visual tools to display your story effectively

Session 2 – Infographics Publishing & Promotion

Planning and designing great infographics is just half the battle. Next, you must publish, promote and share your infographics on your website, social media, blogs and mainstream media. This session will show you how to optimize your infographics for SEO and social media, create an infographic landing page, execute an outreach strategy to influencers and give you new ways to track and prove ROI for your infographics.

  • Critical design decisions that impact an infographic’s success
  • What’s next: The key steps to publish and promote your infographics
  • SEO secrets: How to optimize infographics for search
  • Why—and how—to build an infographic landing page
  • Tips to amplify infographic reach on social media

Session 3 – Infographics Next Practices & ROI

This is where you’ll tie it all together—and see the principles you’ve learned applied to a real-world PR program. You’ll hear how the Omaha Public Power District transformed its content marketing with infographics and increased web traffic tenfold—so you can do the same. You’ll also discover how to take infographics to next level by transforming boring spreadsheets, data and measurements into “sexy” visuals.

  • Add visuals to your content plan with a newsroom mentality
  • Develop infographics guidelines as an extension of your brand
  • Employ advanced graphic design principles to make infographics far more visually appealing
  • Measure the success and ROI of your infographics
  • Borrow brilliant ideas: Examples and lessons of stellar infographics

Presented by:

Karl Gude

Karl Gude is the former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek magazine and at The Associated Press.

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Randy Krum

Randy Krum is an infographics and data visualization designer, author of the book, “Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design,” founder and president of the design firm InfoNewt, and instructor of Data Visualization and Infographics Design at Southern Methodist University.

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Laura King-Homan

Laura King-Homan is a communications pro at Omaha Public Power District with nearly 20 years in print journalism, including page design, editing and reporting. She was part of an Omaha World-Herald design staff that won several Society of Newspaper Design awards.

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Engaging Infographics Virtual Summit: Create visuals that increase Reach and ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, Jan. 27, 2017

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