Measurement Demystified: How to Prove Value and Show ROI for Communications

Original Air Date: Thursday, Jan. 1, 1970

We know: The Execs wants to know how your program is impacting the bottom line. Your boss is demanding more accountability. So how valuable would it be to end the ROI debate at your company by learning the latest methods for tying your efforts directly to corporate objectives? If you’re ready to discover how to turn PR, content and social media outputs into lead generating channels—and the best KPIs, dashboards, tracking tools and measurement tricks for proving your efforts move the needle, then this is one session you can’t afford to miss.

Session 1: Measurement strategy

Create a killer measurement plan: Powerful principles for traditional PR

What are the measurement principles and best practices that ensure you’re successfully tracking PR results? What does an effective measurement plan look like and how can you create one quickly? What outputs, outtakes and outcomes must you measure—and how can you tie them to the bottom line? How should you set measurable objectives and goals before every campaign? Learn the answers and more in this PR measurement session.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a foolproof measurement plan. Learn to develop a step-by-step methodology and table of contents for your own plan
  • The new pillars of PR measurement—a Barcelona Principles update—and how these pillars should inform the way you think about measurement
  • Senior executive hot buttons: what they see as most important now
  • Measurement matrix: How to set realistic objectives for your campaigns—and how to tie them back to company business objectives
  • Tools to use: How to choose the right free and paid measurement software applications
  • How to make measurement as much about predicting future performance as determining results to date
  • Dashboard essentials: How best to present results and frame them in financial terms that impress execs—including the best dashboard tools to use

David Rockland is the primary author of measurement touchstone “The Barcelona Principles” and CEO of Ketchum Global Research & Analytics

Session 2: Social media measurement

Advanced social media measurement: How to best measure social media results

What social media key performance indicators should you track? How can you design a successful social media program? What tools make the job easier? You’ll explore these issues with a social media measurement expert who will show you how to define bottom-line social media objectives from the start, and how to analyze the results of any online program or initiative. In addition to practical checklists, timely tips, new metrics and a clear method for measuring your next social media campaign, you’ll learn:

  • What chief marketing officers see as most important in social media—from engagement metrics to clickthroughs and lead generation
  • How to incorporate social media measurement into traditional measurement programs
  • Social media measurement matrix: How to set realistic goals for social media campaigns—and how to tie the results back to company business objectives
  • All about social media dashboards and tools—from essential hardware and software to key performance indicators
  • New metrics: The latest ways to measure the effectiveness and prove the value to top management
  • What’s next: New trends influencing social media measurement, including the latest developments in mobile measurement

Katie Paine is the author of “Measure What Matters” and the founder of Paine Publishing.

Session 3 – Real world applications

Lessons from the front lines: How to Measure ROI, ROE and R-Oh-My!

Now you know the basics. Here’s what it looks like in the real world—with best practices, case studies and examples from Danielle Brigida at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. This frontline practitioner will tie together everything you’ve learned so far, and what it looks like within a real organization with limited resources and staff. She’ll share her team’s own measurement plan, tools and takeaways. You’ll hear detailed information on how to best measure ROI and what some call ROE within your measurement program.

You'll Learn:

  • How to learn from your community to ensure you’re providing the most valuable content
  • How to add value to active conversations and react on the fly
  • How to separate quantitative and qualitative metrics—volume vs. quality—to get a complete picture of how social media posts are performing
  • How to develop formulas and templates to save time while producing meaningful content
  • How to understand the difference between reach vs. engagement
  • How qualitative data can be a useful tool in demonstrating the power of social media

Danielle Brigida leads the national social media strategy at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Presented by:

Katie Delahaye Paine

Founder of Paine Publishing, Katie Delahaye Paine, aka “The Measurement Queen,” has pioneered in measurement for 30 years.

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Dr. David Rockland

Dr. David Rockland, Ketchum’s Global Research & Analytics CEO, joined Ketchum in 2000.

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Danielle Brigida

Danielle Brigida leads the national social media strategy at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Measurement Demystified: How to Prove Value and Show ROI for Communications

Original Air Date: Thursday, Jan. 1, 1970

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