PR Measurement Virtual Summit: New ways to track success and crack the ‘ROI code’

Original Air Date: Friday, Apr. 27, 2018

Want to justify your budget? Need to learn the latest ways to track and improve results? Want to know which channels are driving the most leads—and which KPIs execs love? Learn all this and more in this training session with Sean Williams (Kent State University), Julie O’Neill (Texas Christian University) and Andrew Bates (AARP)—who will reveal new measurement guidelines, how to analyze data to extract insights, and what’s next in social media analytics.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Showcase metrics that impress leaders and influence budgets
  • Tie paid, earned, shared and owned media efforts to business goals and prove your impact
  • Quickly analyze and extract valuable insights from reams of data

Drive PR, media relations and social media results with smarter KPIs


Noon–1 p.m. Central time
Session 1: Measurement Planning & Strategy
What matters now: Create a measurement program that drives business results

Communications programs often focus on the wrong things—such as media hits, AVE and pretty dashboards that spout the latest reach and impressions. If you want to truly show value, you have to get past these empty metrics. Join to finally create an integrated measurement program guaranteed to measure your impact on the business—and the communication vehicles that increase it. You’ll discover what a winning measurement strategy looks like, how to examine all the data in your marketing mix to determine what channels are driving which leads and more.

You’ll learn:

  • Beyond Barcelona Principles and AMEC: the current state of metrics
  • What a meaningful measurement program must include now—and how to update yours
  • Brand, belief and actions: What to measure beyond empty reach data, Facebook Insights and SEMrush—so you’re seen as a contributing member of the marketing mix
  • Templates to borrow: What an integrated measurement plan looks like—and how to tie it together for PR using the PESO model

Sean Williams is an adjunct professor of PR and measurement instructor at Kent State University. @commammo


1:15–2:15 p.m. Central time
Session 2: Measurement Analysis

Become a data scientist: How to analyze data and extract real insights

Organizations have varied objectives for engaging in media relations and likewise many reasons for analyzing media coverage. Unfortunately, in-house communication teams, their public relations agencies and their media measurement firms all tend to use inconsistent definitions and calculations for reporting results. This session will provide you with transparent, replicable, credible metrics—similar to those presented by your counterparts in marketing, advertising or sales—to demonstrate results. The techniques you discover here will also help you analyze data and deliver insights in areas beyond media relations.

You’ll learn:

  • Where and how to access a free, rigorously tested media codebook
  • How to measure key media metrics—such as tone, dominance, shared mention and corporate reputational messages, among many others
  • How to extract insights and “aha!” moments from your metrics
  • How to tie your key metrics to your organization’s overarching objectives


Julie O’Neill, Ph.D., is the director the graduate program of strategic communication at Texas Christian University. @juliesoneill


2:30–3:30 p.m. Central time
Session 3: Social Media Measurement

Demystifying social media data: Track and showcase results that impress execs

Your execs don’t want data that are “nice to know”; they need insights that provide the context required to make informed decisions. In today’s always-on digital environment, you have to parse and present social media metrics that matter most to leaders. Join to discover which social media KPIs to track and how to report them to showcase how your social media work drives organizational goals.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine which social media KPIs matter most to company leaders
  • The ROI question—how to tie social media to the bottom line
  • How to build your social media monitoring around these priorities
  • Quick ideas for presenting your results via captivating reports


Andrew Bates is the director of enterprise data strategy at AARP. @andrewbates

Presented by:

Andrew Bates

Andrew Bates is the director of enterprise data strategy at AARP, where he’s responsible for developing and managing programs to help AARP’s many groups use business intelligence for the greater good of the organization.

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Julie O’Neill

Julie O’Neill, Ph.D., directs the graduate program of strategic communication at Texas Christian University, where she’s also the former division chair of the undergraduate program.

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Sean Williams

Sean Williams is an adjunct professor of public relations at Kent State University and vice president of education and internal communications practices at True Digital Communications.

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PR Measurement Virtual Summit: New ways to track success and crack the ‘ROI code’

Original Air Date: Friday, Apr. 27, 2018

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