PR Writing Virtual Summit: Inject the WOW! factor into copy for greater reach and ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

Do you want to engage and compel readership—on any medium? Or would you like more coverage and reach for every press release or social media post? Learn how to write better, faster and easier when you join this three-hour workshop with a trio of world-class wordsmiths. You’ll also discover simple tools you can use to quickly draft snippets for any media or social media opportunity and win more positive press.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to increase your writing competence and confidence using powerful journalism principles guaranteed to make your copy more newsworthy
  • Savvy tactics to pitch significant stories to journalists
  • How to socially engage with followers via mobile
  • Writing techniques that will win trust from the millennial generation



Noon to 1 p.m. Central time
Session 1: Traditional PR writing 

PR writing in the brand journalism age: From story promoter to storyteller

As a PR pro, you can no longer rely on journalists to package and deliver your stories—you have to do it yourself. Jim Ylisela, an award-winning journalist and teacher with more than three decades of experience, has spent the last five years helping organizations transform their communication departments into vibrant newsrooms that connect stories directly to their audiences, while also redefining their relationship with members of the news media.


Youll learn how to:

  • Reach audiences more effectively by writing stories that are less about you and more about them
  • Avoid the press release graveyard by publishing real stories—in multiple formats—on your own news platform
  • Employ savvy tactics to pitch significant stories to journalists
  • Build a newsroom that delivers better content through multiple formats to many different audiences

Jim Ylisela is co-founder and managing partner at Ragan Consulting Group


1:15–2:15 p.m. Central time

Session 2:  Social media writing techniques and tips in the mobile era

How to be more relevant and responsive via social media 

Learn how to write effectively and efficiently for social media in the mobile era. Whether you are drafting a quick story or engaging with followers, social media expert Deborah Katz will teach you top tips and techniques to ensure your copy is relevant, compelling and engaging.


You’ll discover:


  • How to define audience interests and values
  • How to establish a relevant and consistent voice to build your audience
  • How to adjust copy and content requirements for paid vs. organic social media
  • How to address “tough customers” in social media and turn them into your best brand ambassadors

Deborah Katz is vice president of digital strategy at Launch DRTV


2:30–3:30 p.m. Central time
Session 3: Writing for a younger generation

Tips and techniques for writing to effectively engage with millennials

Writing for your target audience has always been extremely important, but knowing how to speak to a younger generation via its chosen platforms is equally crucial. Learn where, when and how to engage with this hyperconnected generation both online and in print.

This session features:

  • How to create content that appeals to millennials
  • Writing techniques that will win millennials’ trust
  • How to use visuals within your content to appeal to a younger generation
  • How to respond effectively to Gen Y online

Michael Long is a writer and educator at Georgetown University




Presented by:

Michael Long

Michael Long is an accomplished writer, speechwriter, educator and award-winning screenwriter and playwright.

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Deborah Katz

Deborah Katz is vice president of digital strategy at Launch DRTV, where she oversees direct-to-consumer digital content and e-commerce strategies for customer acquisition and retention.

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Jim Ylisela

Jim Ylisela, co-founder and managing partner of Ragan Consulting Group, is an award-winning veteran Chicago journalist and former publisher of

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PR Writing Virtual Summit: Inject the WOW! factor into copy for greater reach and ROI

Original Air Date: Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

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